— Some Advice to Work Productively and Parent Happily

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Working from home in a long term can be stressful for all of us, especially when you’re parent and have small kids. Therefore we would like to offer you some tips on how to manage your working life during Corona times when you have children you need to take care about.

Remote work can be stressful, especially for parents with small kids. For a healthy work-life balance, we advice discipline coupled with flexibility and privacy enabled by multifunctionality. We will better explain these in the coming sections.

According to FlexJobs only…

The Short Answer is … Yes We CAN! — By Asking the Right Questions

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Jeff Bezos says that we should achieve a work-life “harmony” and not a “balance”. While the distinction between the two might at first seem vague or insignificant, it basically comes down to whether we live to work, or we are ready to treat work as an equal to the other spheres.

At a time when many of our conventions are being contested, we are at a unique point where the boundaries between professional, social and private spheres (and their spaces) are being redefined. …

How to Improve Communication, Boost Collaboration and Strengthen Teams during Lockdown and Work from Home

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Communication is harder when working from home, but we certainly cannot lower our gears. Isolation in virtual spaces is the core problem that we need to address in order to untangle the tiring effect we feel after series of online communication — aka “Zoom Fatigue”.

What we actually develop overall is a “Zoom Angst”, which is an uncanny feeling that lies deep in our consciousness with our own negative experiences and the humiliation we come across under titles like “Top/Epic/Hilarious Zoom Fails of 2020” or “Zoombombing”.

This fear of things going wrong is coupled with the not-so-natural way of communication…

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2020 has just ended, and we all need to go back to work now. There are many reasons to be excited and optimistic about work in 2021. Nevertheless, making this new year a productive one is especially challenging with the persisting lockdown measures. Time-management, tracking tasks, creating and transforming space for work and focus, and keeping keeping motivation are the key ways to boost your productivity during work from home. Below we have gathered suggestions and tools that will help you tailor the best answer for the “how to be more productive?” …

Source: Olya Kobruseva

2020 was a tumultuous year, perhaps, one that will be carved deep in our collective memory for decades to come, and which will certainly find its place in history books. The challenges we have faced in 2020 and our solutions for coping with them have tested and redefined many of our accepted traditions which were naturalized with practice.

2020 fundamentally changed the concept work and work & life, and we should not expect a slowing down in the debates around these concepts in 2021 either. …

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Who wants to talk about work during the holidays? We certainly don’t! In this week’s blog post, we bring you some tips on how to fully relax and de-stress during the holiday season. We know that as much as we admit that we need a break, dropping everything doesn’t come easy. Feelings of guilt, anxiety, and fear may arise from us “abandoning” our work. However, taking a vacation benefits our work in the long term, so winding down this Christmas may be the best choice after all.

We’re writing to help you achieve that work-life balance. Here are Boss at…


No one could say that they expected to start the decade like this. And yet, even as we bid farewell to 2020, we will still feel its impact for years to come. This cannot be truer especially with regards to how we work. What can we expect our work life to look like in the year to come?

Welcome to the office of the future: where more and more of our jobs are converted into pixels on a screen. You’ve probably found the most photogenic corner in your home to become your background for video calls, redefined your definition of…

Boss at Home

Publication Project by Uni-Potsdam Students — Hikmet, Patricia, Jerrick and Krystof | Future of Work; Productivity; Coping and Positivity during Covid-19

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